Every piece of furniture is made using a kiln-dried hardwood frame using timber from sustainable harvested forests and is assembled with professional expertise for stability and longevity.

We mainly use 3 types of wood:

  • Beech - This is one of our main woods. It is a highly stable hardwood. This is one of the hardest timbers, and provides an excellent base for colouring, staining and lacquer.
  • Birch - This ranks at the top of the hardness scale.
  • Oak - This has good stability, combined with bold grain and texture.
  • Walnut - A dark hardwood with lustre and grain which is a more decorative used for show wood legs.


We use 2 types of steel springs – Serpentine or Coil

  • Serpentine - Zigzag across the seat or the back and offer excellent comfort over an extended lifespan.
  • Coil - These have a conical shape and are placed individually in a vertical position. the benefit of these are they can move up and down and side to side for a very even seat.

 Cushion Fillings

  • Feather and Down - Our most luxurious filling although it needs a little plumping up to help their keep their shape. The feather gives the cushion its substance and support, and blending in the down gives the cushions a luxurious feel.
  • Foam-wrapped Fibre - This is the most popular cushion filling which we can provide 3 different densities of foam to suit different feels and is wrapped in a polyester wadding and gorse.
  • Polyfibre - This is used is back cushions only and is filled with 100% fibre fillings and is a modern version of a feather and down back cushion.
  • Foam Wrapped Feather - A luxury cushion filling and best of both worlds combining a foam core and wrapped in feather and down quilting.


The fabrics are hand cut for pattern balance and then precisely matched and stitched giving comfort and durability.

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